From a Business Member:

Any business interested in building and fostering relationships with local city governments should consider being an active participant in the Ridge League of Cities. Joining as an associate member has given my company great exposure to local municipal leaders and allows me to keep on top of the issues that are impacting all communities. Understanding the issues is the first step in helping to find the right solutions. It is a good partnership and worth the investment. ...- Jerry Miller, Community Relations Manager - Progress Energy

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Committees 2016-2017

Legislative Committee/Advocacy Team

Howard Wiggs – Chair

Judy Wertz Strickland

Scott Black

Marlene Wagner

Eugene Fultz

Collins Smith

Charles Lake

Phillip Walker

Nominating Committee

Tenny Croley - Chair

Nancy Daley

Judy Wertz Strickland

Marlene Wagner

Nettie Draughon Committee

Scott Black - Chair

Tim Pospichal

Barbara Manley

Leo Longworth

Marlene Wagner

Scholarship Committee

Judy Wertz Strickland - Chair

Nancy Daley

Neda Cobb

Barbara Manley

Leo Longworth

Steven Hunnicutt


Conference Committee

Neda Cobb – Chair

Rodney Cannon

Joe LaCasia

Barbara Manley

H. B. Robinson, III

Sam Fite